Ethical Codex of the Game Cluster

The Game Cluster is a voluntary association established to promote gaming development in the region. In a unique way, it enables people from different areas of game development (commercial, education, art, technology, authorities) to meet and collaborate. For the successful functioning of the Game Cluster, let us always keep the following recommendations in mind:

Let's meet, let's talk directly, let's do projects honestly, let's address problems of any type immediately, and most importantly, let's co-create the game development ecosystem together.

  • Let's meet in person if possible and have open discussions, which are always better and more valuable than electronic conversations.
  • Let's always act in accordance with the stated goals of the cluster.
  • Let's all do our bit, actively come up with and participate in projects.
  • Let us inform others sufficiently about our activities under the cluster banner.
  • Let us not compete with each other in the implementation of cluster projects and let us avoid side agendas.
  • Keep in mind that if a project is not in line with the stated objectives of the cluster or otherwise violates the cluster's principles, it may be denied cluster patronage (use of the name).
  • Let's try to prevent problems and address them promptly the moment they arise.